Certified Inspectors

Decree-Law nº 54/2018 of 3 October 2018, which was last amended from Decree-Law nº1/2011, has made the eligibility criteria for connecting microproduction systems to the grid more flexible and introduced greater equity between the expectations of microproducers and the need to ensure sustainability with the energy provider.

However, for Decree-Law nº 54/2018 to work in practice, it is vital that conditions are put in place to register microproduction systems and make the certification of such systems technically and economically viable. In order to address this, the National Directorate for Industry, Commerce and Energy has called upon certified technicians to carry out the necessary inspections to issue operating licenses and compliance certificates.

Official Dispatch nº 03/DNICE/2019 thus set the standards for issuing a Certificate of Professional Competence for Technical Inspectors of Microproduction Systems using renewable energy, as well as defining the conditions for approval of the related professional training course.

CERMI EPE, trained and certified 31 Technical Inspectors of Microproduction Systems running on renewable energy.