The UGR is generally responsible for the management of the Center's human, patrimonial and financial resources. It consists of three operational cells, according to the figure below:

  • Human Resources Cell (CRH)

Organize and instruct staff selection and recruitment processes; Prepare and manage annual staff vacation plans; Organize, process and report internally all statistical information and management control and performance evaluation of human resources; Ensure the procedures related to attendance (schedules, vacations, absences, leave and other leave of absence) of human resources; Ensure processes related to career development and mobility; Ensure compliance with the legal provisions relating to CERMI's human resources management.

  • Financial and Patrimonial Resources Cell (CRFP)

Elaboration, management and execution of the budget, of the accounting, in the control of the legality, regularity and economy of the financial and patrimonial administration; Prepare, under the terms and deadlines of the law; Prepare statistical elements and financial management indicators; Control the verification, accounting treatment and processing of income, expenses, equity movements; Control the verification, accounting treatment and processing of income, expenses, and equity movements.

  • General Services Cell (CSG)

Ensure cleanliness and conservation of space and environment; fleet management of CERMI vehicles, ensuring the transport of staff to and from the center; ensure the operation of the canteen to provide meals for staff, trainees, trainers and other users of the center.

The UGR team consists of the following employees:

Name Occupation Contacts
Edson Lopes Coordenador da UGR
Admir Moreno Tesoureiro
Valter Ramos Contabilista
Sandra Barros Técnica Administrativa e Financeira
Ilisia Évora Técnica Administrativa e Financeira
Amilcar Reis Condutor Auto
José Alfredo Condutor Auto
Marlene Furtado Técnica de Limpeza
Bernardina Semedo Técnica de Limpeza
Ivanise Ramos Técnica de Limpeza
Keila Baessa Técnica de Limpeza
Roni Silva Jardineiro