ICT Office


Responsible for advising the Board of Directors in the fields of regional and international cooperation, namely, in identifying and negotiating opportunities for the provision of professional training and technical assistance services, the development of joint research, the establishment of public-private partnerships, public relations, communication internal and external, and the projection of the image of CERMI, EPE


  • Communication and Web Service

The Communication and Web Service is responsible for the operation and management of digital content at the level of social networks and the website through the elaboration and publication of photographs, videos, communication leaflets, newsletters, flyers among others, thus ensuring a digital presentation of maximum quality for those who seek to know CERMI as a whole.

  • Information Systems Service

The Information Systems Service, both internally and externally, deals with the development of information systems, information technology and telecommunications policies suited to the reality of CERMI, E.P.E. and the development and management of the various business areas, coordination of the definition, implementation and maintenance of information systems, promotion of computer audits, analysis of the respective reports and taking the necessary corrective measures, definition of the technical characteristics related to the acquisition and use of goods and computer services, management of the communications network, guaranteeing its security and operability.


The GIC technical team consists of the following employees:

Senior technicians
Name Occupation Contacts
Altair Brito GIC Coordinator altair.brito@luxdev.lu / tech@cermicv.com


Communication and Information Systems Technicians CERMI
Name Occupation Contacts
Elias Gonçalves Professional Technician


Ivanilda Cabral Communication assistant Ivanilda.cabral@cermicv.com
Adilson Brito IT and Management Intern adilson.brito@cermicv.com