Incubation and Entrepreneurship

CERMI SPIN OFF CERMI's Technology-Based Business Incubator focuses on Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency and Industrial Maintenance. CERMI's organizational structure is defined as the Center for Entrepreneurship, Incubation and Technological Innovation as stated in its internal regulations, and is responsible for managing a policy of Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Incubation within the institution. 


Types of Incubation

On-site Incubation

On-site incubation is when the entrepreneur is physically occupying space in the Center, and uses all the services offered by the incubator.

Off-site Incubation

Though an entrepreneur may already have his/her own physical work space off-site, he/she can still benefit from the services offered by the incubator.


Co-incubation is when several entrepreneurs occupy a shared space, equipped with all the necessary infrastructure and internet services needed for their tech business, and can benefit from the services provided by the incubator. Working as co-incubators gives them the opportunity to share knowledge and explore partnerships. 

Associate Company

Entrepreneurs that have graduated from a business incubator and others that have already set up their own official company or factory, can still use specific services provided by the incubator, whether for management or manufacturing, in line with staff needs. 


Incubation Program

Program lasting 24 months, for technology-based and impactful startups, based on innovative business models, services or products, that have been developed using new tech solutions or having made significant improvements to existing products or processes in the sectors of interest.. 

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