Regional Anchor Strengthening Project for the Center for Renewable Energy and Industrial Maintenance of Cabo Verde

The main objective of CERMI's Regional Anchor Strengthening Project (RAR) is to assist CERMI in becoming
a Regional Center of Excellence for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency, by
strengthening its internal competences and its connection with the Economic Community of West African States

Energy Efficiency in Buildings and Equipment

The project aims to eliminate obstacles in the promotion of Energy Efficiency (EE) in buildings and electrical and electronic equipment, through the creation of a favorable legal and institutional framework, awareness, education, information and dissemination of good practices, allowing the creation of an EE market and a consequent reduction in energy consumption and a reduction in the emission of greenhouse gases.

Promoting Solar Thermal Energy for Water Heating

As part of its energy policy, the Government of Cabo Verde has defined a strategy based on growing involvement of the private sector that will progressively replace public investment in the sector. In this way, the State assumes its role as a promoter, facilitator and regulator of a dynamic, innovative and efficient energy production and supply market, creating the necessary conditions for private investment to replace public investment in the transformation of the energy sector.

Creation of the Cabo Verde Competence Center - 3C

The CVE / 085 project to support the partnership between the Center for Renewable Energy and Industrial Maintenance (CERMI) and the Competence Center - Technical Engineering of Civil Construction in Luxembourg (CDC-GTB), which is part of the “Employment and Employability” axis of the 4th Indicative Cooperation Programme (PIC IV), aims to support the implementation of a partnership between CERMI and CDC-GTB resulting in the creation of a public limited company (SA) under Cabo Verdean law, namely the Cabo Verde Competence Center (CdC-3C).