Certification is the procedure by which an accredited third party (certification body recognized by the accreditation authority) provides written assurance that a product, process, service or system meets certain standards or pre-defined specifications by issuing a certificate to that effect.
The concept of certification applies to all objects subject to conformity assessment, except for the conformity assessment bodies themselves (organizations that provide conformity assessment services), for which the concept of accreditation applies.

CERMI provides the following certification services:

  • Certification of electrical installations and buildings
  • Certification of professionals (designers and installers)
  • Equipment certification


Metrology is the scientific study of measurement and its applications. The Metrology Service's mission is to ensure the accuracy of measurements, ensuring their comparability and traceability, at national and international level, to carry out, maintain and develop the standards of measurement units and to guarantee and promote the accuracy of metrological measurements.

Metrology is often broken down into three areas:

  • Legal Metrology - is primarily to guarantee, within regulatory limits, the accuracy of the instruments used in activities within the scope of commercial transactions and fiscal operations, to protect citizens from the consequences of incorrect measurements.
  • Industrial Metrology - regulates the accuracy of measurements conducted in businesses, testing laboratories and in calibration laboratories.
  • Scientific Metrology - governs the development and maintenance of primary or national standards which, in turn, ensure the traceability of measurements carried out in various domains.

Metrological Control - Regulations