Chairman of the Board

Luis Teixeira

As CEO of CERMI and President of the General Assembly of Electra, Luis holds a PhD in Engineering, specializing in Renewable Energy, from the University Huazhong China. He studied Mechanical Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto, Portugal, where he got his Master's degree. Luis' previous roles include being Special Advisor to the Minister for the Economy and Employment, Vice-Rector at the Jean Piaget University in Cabo Verde (UniPiaget), Site Manager at the Company SISIL Technical Installations, University Professor at the Polytechnic Institute of Bragança in Portugal, Chairman of the Scientific Council at UniPiaget, and Professor at UniCV and ISCEE.
Administrative team member since January, 2017

Executive Director

Luis Pina

With a Masters degree in Finance and Insurance from the Capital University of Economics and Business in Beijing - China, and a degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Matanzas, Cuba, Luis began his professional career as a teacher at the "Cesaltina Ramos" Technical School. He went on to work as Sales Technician for BECIM Insurance Broker, now known as Protege, and was Attaché to the Embassy of Cabo Verde in Beijing before joining CERMI.
Administrative team member since January, 2017

Non-Executive Director

Gilson Correia

Gilson is an Electrical Engineer having graduated from the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto, with a specialization in Renewable Energy. He was head engineer at the company Circuito Cabo Verde, from 2013 to 2016, being responsible for project management, design and execution of renewable energy projects, as well as energy efficiency and energy audits. He is a professor at UniCV and UniPiaget and a trainer in the field of vocational education.
Administrative team member since January, 2017

Advisory Board

  • The following two representatives have been nominated by members of government to be responsible for finance and employment:
    • Finance Ministry - Dr. Pedro Barros
    • Vocational Training - Dr. Jacqueline Moniz.
  • The following representative has been appointed by the Employment and Vocational Training Institute - Dr. Aldina Delgado.
  • The following representative has been appointed as member of government responsible for energy (DNICE) - Rito Évora (Eng).
  • Representative nominated by the National Association of Cabo Verde Municipalities - Dr. José Pedro Soares.
  • Representative of the Cabo Verde Professional Association of Engineers - Manuel Robalo Évora (Eng).
  • Representative appointed by the National Council of Chambers of Commerce - Rui Amante da Rosa (Eng).
  • Representative elected by the workers of CERMI, E.P.E - Dr. Edson Lopes.


  • A certified accountant or certified auditor or a an audit firm - Dr. Liver António Lima Canuto.