CERMI's Renewable Production

CERMI's renewable energy statistics for the year 2019

CERMI produces different types of renewable energy and has different storage technologies, such as a 118 kWp on-grid photovoltaic production system, a 32 kWp off-grid photovoltaic production system connected to a battery bank and two wind turbines with a nominal power capacity of 6 kW and 1 kW, respectively. However, the Center is also connected to the public grid to satisfy its energy needs and be fully operational.

CERMI imported a total of 53,867 kWh from the public network in 2019, which represents an average of 4,738 kWh per month. The renewable electricity (produced and consumed) at the Center in 2019 was 91,436 kWh. The total electricity consumed (produced and imported) in the Center in 2019 was 145,303 kWh. Thus, the weight of renewable energy in electricity consumption at CERMI in 2019 was 63%.


The electrical power produced by each renewable source came predominantly from the Center's photovoltaic system.


Distribution of consumption across the main loads

Consumption distribution on the main loads at CERMI is organized as follows:

It can be seen that the electric chiller consumes the most energy in the Center, representing, in the reference period, 20% of the Center's total consumption.