GAMBIA is interested in sending their young people to train at CERMI

The ambassador of The Gambia expressed Friday, during a visit to CERMI, his “keen interest” in helping establish a productive cooperation between his country and Cape Verde in the area of ​​Renewable Energy, ensuring that he will work towards not only bringing young Gambians to the center but also making it possible that the Gambian immigrants living in Cabo Verde can take advantage of the opportunities offered.

“I am highly impressed by what I saw. It is an institution that works actively for the effective professional empowerment of young people. During this time I’ve been in Cabo Verde I noticed that the country has a population consisting mainly of young women and men, who find in CERMI excellent opportunities to increase and enhance their skills and qualifications, and, consequently, their possibilities for employability, either through their own entrepreneurial initiatives or through established companies”, said Alieu Jammeh.

Another important aspect highlighted by the Gambian diplomat has to do with the “high technology” used in CERMI, which is “a relevant factor and an important element that will be explored, in terms of cooperation, to link the center with important sectors” in The Gambia.

“The conditions and needs of our two countries in this area are no different, quite the opposite, they are fairly similar. I will present to my Government the potentialities of this innovative concept and insist that forms of cooperation be established to enable it to be replicated in the Gambia”, said Alieu Jammeh.

The possibility that CERMI come to train young people from The Gambia is another clue left by the ambassador: “I will certainly work hard to make it happen. When I return, I intend to inform the Government of the possibility of sending Gambian students to CERMI, and I will try to encourage our young people to see this center as an excellent training opportunity that can improve their future”.

In the same vein, the Gambian community resident in Cabo Verde was remembered by Alieu Jahmmeh, who envisages them also benefiting from the training opportunities offered by CERMI and other training institutions in Cape Verde.

“During my stay here I had the opportunity to meet with the president of the Gambian community and with our own Diaspora members in Praia. I visited the University of Cape Verde and found that they are developing a specific training program for immigrants, who are thus able to maximize their capacities. And opportunities such as those offered by CERMI, with strong employability rates, must of course be taken advantage of. Getting our emigrants to become skilled in areas such as Renewable Energy will enable them to live better and be more productive in Cape Verde, while integration becomes easier”, said the Gambian ambassador in Praia.